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There are many medical, therapy and treatment options for women to ensure overall good wellness and restore that “good feeling” back to life.  These include:


Dr. Turners office also provides the following shots:

O-shot - The O-Shot® procedure provides a very specific way of using growth factors to stimulate multi-potent stem cells to generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response and urinary continence within the vagina (G-Spot, O-Spot, Skene's Glands, urethra, and vaginal wall).

P(priapus)-shot - The Priapus Shot® procedure indicates a specific protocol for treating the penis with blood-derived growth factors: specifically platelet-rich plasma or PRP.

Incorporating these options in a wellness program can help from a holistic approach, restoring imbalances, renewing health and physical well-being and restoring confidence.  To schedule a consultation on how Dr. Turner can incorporate a wellness program, book your appointment today!

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