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Life can be thrown off balance often because our bodies’ hormones change or fluctuate.  This can manifest as inexplicable weight gain, loss of energy, loss of libido, among others…things just don’t seem right.  The likely culprit is a hormone imbalance!   Medical treatment with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy ( BHRT) is an effective and affordable way to restore balance back in your life to help you feel more like your normal or renewed self!


BioTE® is an advanced and scientifically proven hormone replacement therapy that uses a small but powerful pellet implant that provides long-lasting relief for a hormone imbalance.  As the hormones within the pellet are released over time in one’s body, BioTE® helps bring the balance back to life.  BioTE® is an effective BHRT method to replace, restore and balance hormone levels essential for mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. BioTE® is effective:

  • Before and after the onset of menopause

  • Early menopause due to surgery

  • Following the birth of a child

  • For men during andropause


Because hormonal imbalance can affect all aspects of physical, emotional and mental health and well-being, restoring hormonal balance with BioTE® can help you feel like you again. If you want to explore if BioTE® is right for you, book your appointment with Dr. Turner today.

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