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Many times, women experience frustration with their image and weight due to fluctuations in weight gain/loss or the inability to keep weight off their bodies.  Often diet and exercise alone cannot achieve the desired results.   Medical weight loss management is an effective complement for weight control that had proven successful for many women.  Medical weight loss management uses science and modern medicine to lose, manage and maintain a healthy weight that’s safe, effective and closely monitored by Dr. Turner.  Medical weight loss management is suitable for adolescents to senior women seeking to gain control of their weight in a personalized program tailored to the individual. 


Following a thorough evaluation of your medical history,

social and family history, and diet and nutritional status,

and after a physical examination and determination of your

body mass index (BMI), a long-term treatment plan is tailored

to your specific goals and needs in weight loss management. 

In addition to a diet and exercise regimen, Dr. Turner can

utilize additional medical advancements and products to

aid in your weight loss goals and maintenance:

  • Appetite suppressants – FDA approved for safety, these aid in curbing hunger, appetite and portion size.

  • Vitamin B12 injections –helps you maintain energy levels for a more active lifestyle and is essential for the body to break down proteins and fats. Additionally, B12 injections help fight depression and stress, maintain muscle tone, protect the lining of the digestive tract, enhance the nervous system and liver function

  • Multivitamins –  specialized vitamins contain ingredients that aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels and curbing appetite that reduces cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.

  • Protein supplements & meal replacements


If you are interested in learning how the latest medical knowledge and advancements can help you achieve your weight loss goals with a customized medical weight loss management program closely monitored with Dr. Turner, book and appointment today!

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