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Sometimes nature takes over, especially with age, and looking and staying good are a challenge.  However, every woman deserves to look and feel good.  Dr. Turner offers various medical options to help any woman look and feel good and maintain that confidence and self-esteem.


As a non-invasive, in-office procedure, Dr. Turner

offer the Exilis Ultra 360™ technology for facial

rejuvenation, skin toning and body contour and

shaping to help women restore and renew that

youthful appearance.  As an award winning

technology, the Exilis Ultra 360™ delivers 360⁰

radio-frequency and ultrasound energy to

precisely target, tighten and tone superficial and

deep troubles areas of skin and tissue.  By disrupting old collagen fibers and initiating new collagen formation, the Exilis Ultra 360™ works on tissue to restore a tight, youthful appearance.  Comparable to a pain-free, hot stone massage while lying down relaxing, patients receive two to four 15-30 minute treatments 7-10 days apart.  Results are seen often after the first treatment and continue through the treatment and longer.


Restore that youthful appearance and regain that confidence and self-esteem with the options available with Dr. Turner. Book your appointment today.

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